Passed stress test with 12900K CPU for the optimal working and entertaining experience of durability, silence, and high performance

Oct. 27th, 2021– GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and hardware solutions today announced all AIO liquid coolers lineup, including AORUS WATERFORCE series and AORUS WATERFORCE X series are attached with brackets for Socket LGA1700 to support the latest 12th gen Intel® Core™ processors, which provides the optimal flexibility and compatibility in the market. Enhanced by the enlarged tube diameter and top-quality components, these two cooler series fully support the latest 12th gen. Intel® Core™ processors to pass Prime 95 non-AVX stress test by Turbo Boost Technology. Users can enjoy gaming or working with stable performance without worries about throttling caused by the overheating on processors.

“With the launch of the latest Intel® Z690 chipset and 12th generation Core™ processors, most of the existing liquid coolers in the market are unable to support it due to the socket change. GIGABYTE AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series took into account the structural changes of coming platform at the initial stage of development, and designed the visionary accessories with brackets for LGA 1700 which let users embrace the new platform easily without updating water cooling devices.” said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “GIGABYTE AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series AIO liquid coolers follow the praise of the previous generation AIO cooling, and keep the notable exclusive design with bunch of enhancements in response to users’ feedback. In addition to the durability and high compatibility, they can pass the Prime 95 non AVX stress test with the 12th gen. Intel® Core™ processor by Turbo Boost Technology which ensure users a stable use without any concerns.”

Aorus Waterforce AIO Pump

Multicore CPUs has become the norm for high-end builds but faster clock speeds can generate excess heat which may drag down the system performance. Enhanced with enlarged tube flow, top-quality pump, durable fans, and the advanced design of maximum 3200 RPM pump speed, the AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series AIO liquid coolers promise the optimal heat dissipation for processors to work smoothly under heavy loading without throttling. With Intel® Core™ i9 12900K processor, these coolers demonstrates extreme heat dissipation efficiency and outstanding stability to pass the stress test of Prime 95 non AVX at all cores P-Core 4.9 GHz and E-Core 3.7GHz by Turbo Boost Technology. Through such rigorous testing, it is ensured that users can have stable and efficient heat dissipation effect either in general use or gaming.

AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series AIO liquid coolers deliver 3 radiator sizes of 240/280/360mm which cater to various needs from users, and all of them support Intel® LGA 1700 and existing sockets of high-end multicore processors with corresponding brackets included in the accessory packing to provide the best supportability and flexibility. AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series improve every aspect functions and designs. The Tube Diameter has been enlarged from 5.1 mm to 7.8 mm which increase water flow by 37 % and made the heat to dissipate quicker and more efficient. The ceramic axis design provides better resistance to damage and anti-corrosion abilities than metal axis, enabling a longer life time, improved durability, and heat dissipation performance. Meanwhile these liquid coolers phase in the leading graphene Nano lubricant bearing with low coefficient of friction and high lubrication to  reduce the rate of wear on bearing and carbon deposit, which extends the life and avoid the noise from ball bearing on low fan speed to create quieter operation.

Aorus Waterforce AIO Bracket

AORUS WATERFORCE and AORUS WATERFORCE X series AIO liquid coolers are already in the market and can support to 3200RPM pump speed by updating the latest FW to upgrade the heat dissipation performance.

Users can download and update the latest FW version from the following website for optimized pump speed and performance.

AORUS liquid coolers product list for LGA1700 processors support:

Series NameModel NameUpgrade pump 3200 RPM FW

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