With the current situation right now, the economy in the Philippines is starting to ease up. I think this is the right time to build a PC for your online schooling, work from home, or even online gaming.

In this article, we will provide several suggestions for a 20k PC build but this may vary on the store you will buy and of course the availability. The price listed here will vary from one store to another, but the price used for this PC build idea is from PC Hub.

You can opt for online shop stores like Lazada & Shopee, but I do suggest buying it from a local retailer so you can have them do the build, check if there are any defects, and install necessary software if you’re not familiar with building your own PC. PC stores like PC hub, Hardware Sugar and other local PC retailers offer to build the PC for you.

INTEL 20k PC Build

CPU: Intel Core i3 10100 4C/8T 3.6-4.3ghz (6,650 PHP)

MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte H410M-H V3 (LGA1200) (3,495 PHP)

RAM: Tforce Vulcan TUF 3200mhz 8x2GB CL16 (3,950 PHP)

STORAGE: 240gb Patriot P310 SSD NVMe Gen3 (1,695 PHP)

POWER SUPPLY: FSP 500watts Hyper K 80+ white (1,930 PHP)

CASE: Deep Cool DC Matrexx 30 TG (1,590 PHP)

TOTAL: 19,310 PHP

You can also add the following in the future if you need a dedicated GPU to expand your gaming needs as well as storage.

GPU: Asus GTX 1650 Dual OC Mini (12,560 PHP)

HDD: 1TB WD Blue (2,195 PHP)

This Intel 20k PC Build is sufficient enough for online classes or even more. For work from home, this is a good starting point especially if you work mostly on browsers and Microsoft office software. This build also has room for upgrades like GPU, Storage, RAM, or even CPU but will be limited to 10th Gen Intel CPU only.

One important note for this build is that this will utilize the onboard graphics of the Intel I3 10100, make sure you won’t buy the one with the “F” at the end because that CPU version doesn’t have onboard graphics.

AMD 20k PC Build

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4C/4T AM4 (AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4C/4T AM4 PHP)

MOTHERBOARD: MSI B450M-A Pro Max (AM4) (3,480 PHP)

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200mhz 8x2GB CL16 (3,960 PHP)

STORAGE: 240gb WD green SSD NVMe Gen3 (2095 PHP)

POWER SUPPLY: Cooler Master CM 500watts (1,860 PHP)

CASE: Deep Cool DC Matrexx 30 TG (1,590 PHP)

TOTAL: 19,980 PHP

This AMD 20k PC Build is a lot more versatile than the Intel one, you can easily upgrade your CPU (3000, 4000, or even 5000 series CPU) just by updating your bios without changing your motherboard. Same with Intel you can also add your dedicated GPU and another storage if you have the money in the future.

The “G” series for the AMD has onboard graphics as well but has less thread count compared to Intel I3. But for games based on the benchmarks on Youtube, the 3200g is a bit faster for gaming.