Before the year ends, NTC Philippines announced that they will start the registration process for the newly passed SIM Card Registration Act today Dec 27, 2022. This law aims to reduce the crimes in text scams, and online scams by validating the SIM Cards ownership.

Everyone who owns a SIM Card in the Philippines should abide by this law, and has 180 days to register their new/existing SIM cards, or else they will be deactivated.

Just in case you missed the first 30 days required validation of your SIM Cards don’t worry you still have time to activate it. As of now, there is no news about how many SIM cards an individual can register. Based on the law, minors will use their Parent’s names to validate their SIM cards so it’s possible to have multiple SIM cards per individual.

As of the moment, these are the OFFICIAL links for the registration of your SIM Cards, ANY OTHER LINKS MIGHT BE A SCAM so be aware!




Information required when registering your SIM Cards are:

  • Full name
  • Complete address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Cellphone number

Requirements for SIM Card Registrations are any Government Valid IDs or School IDs (for students only). Verification may take time since it’s Day 1 of the registration so expects a heavy volume of users trying to access the links above.