With the recent news about the restriction made by Japan earlier this month, DRAM prices are expected to increase for about 55% this year (estimated percentage not accurate). According to our source, they already received new stocks from each brand of RAM and SSD with a 10% increase and expected to increase up to 30% more this month.

As the trade fight between Japan and South Korea continues, we expect that we might feel the price increase before July ends or maybe until August. Right now our source (a retail store) said they already got a 10% increase initially on the products they received from the new deliveries.

As of now, there’s still no news about the new price of these products especially major retailers like PC hub so stay tuned for more updates. But there’s one thing we’re sure about, and that’s the price increase. We still don’t know how much the price will go up, but let’s just pray that it won’t be overpriced.

Here are some price samples for DDR4 RAM and SSD:

Products OLD Price NEW Price
8gb ddr4 3000 Patriot Viper Steel 2150 2400
8gb ddr4 2666 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2060 2190
8gb ddr4 2666 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3100 3170
16gb ddr4 2666 Kingston HyperX Fury Black 3950 5000
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 Crucial Ballistix Sport TUF 3990 TBA
16gb (dual) ddr4 2400 ADATA XPG 3999 4350
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 Patriot Viper Steel 4170 4999
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 Tforce Delta RGB 4450 5730
16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 Patriot Viper Steel 4500 5200
16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 Tforce Delta RGB TUF 4890 6290
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 Tforce Night Hawk RGB 5180 6610
16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 G.Skill Trident Z 5580 9999
16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 5770 6180
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 6420 6900
16gb (dual) ddr4 3600 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 6980 7790
16gb (dual) ddr4 3866 Patriot Viper Steel 7070 7730
16gb (dual) ddr4 3600 Tforce Xcalibur RGB 7690 8190
16gb (dual) ddr4 3000 G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold 7470 8390


Products OLD Price NEW Price
120gb Team L3 Evo SSD 970 TBA
120gb GEIL Zenith R3 SSD 999 TBA
120gb Patriot Burst SSD 999 TBA
120gb SanDisk Plus SSD 999 TBA
120gb WDC Green SSD 1080 TBA
120gb Kingston A400 1090 TBA
120gb Gigabyte SSD 1110 TBA
120gb Galax ONE White SSD 1240 TBA

All products listed here with their pricing are courtesy of PC Hub

Right now, there’s still plenty of old stocks with cheaper prices and its better to upgrade before July ends to get the best deals on RAM and SSD. As this issue continuous, we might experience the same problem as the RAM is way overpriced compared to the previous price we had in the past few months.

The price hike is still unconfirmed and it could just be the distributor who’s charging the retailers more and taking advantage of this issue. Let’s just hope that this issue won’t be that long similar to Huawei vs US trade fight.