Equipped with the GIGABYTE cooling system to deliver great gaming experience

June 28, 2022 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of premium gaming hardware, today announced the latest GeForce® GTX 1630 graphics cards powered by NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. GIGABYTE launches the GeForce® GTX 1630 OC 4G and GeForce® GTX 1630 OC Low Profile 4G graphics cards. Turing™ architecture graphics cards have the ability to execute both integer and floating-point operations simultaneously making them much faster than the previous Pascal architecture. These graphics cards feature GIGABYTE-certified overclocked GPUs, coupled with GIGABYTE’s cooling technology, allowing all gamers to enjoy a flawless gaming experience.

GIGABYTE Launches NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1630 series Graphics Cards (2)

The GIGABYTE GeForce® GTX 1630 OC 4G graphics card offers the GIGABYTE custom-designed cooling system, featuring unique blade fan design, delivering an effective heat dissipation capacity for higher performance at lower temperatures. The compact graphics card is less than 170mm in length and can be easily installed in any small chassis. The GIGABYTE GeForce® GTX 1630 OC Low Profile 4G graphics card features the advanced GIGABYTE cooling system. It is a half-height graphics card with a low profile bracket, allowing gamers to easily install it into a variety of chassis. This graphics card has four video outputs, which can meet the needs of multi-screen.

The GIGABYTE GeForce® GTX 1630 graphics cards use a multi-phase power supply, providing over-temperature protection and load balancing for each MOSFET and allowing the MOSFET to operate at a lower temperature. The ULTRA DURABLE certified chokes and capacitors provide excellent performance and longer system life. With the support of NVIDIA ANSEL, it provides gamers with a better gaming experience.

For more information, please visit https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/All-Series?fid=2719