Ultimate Data Protection for Businesses and Professional Users

TerraMaster is a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses. Nowadays, businesses face increasing data security challenges. Ensuring data integrity and minimizing the risk of data loss or breaches are critical priorities for organizations of all sizes. TerraMaster provides users with various backup functions in the TOS system which allows both individual and enterprise users to quickly and easily create a safe and reliable backup environment.

TerraMaster Centralized Backup and Duple Backup address these concerns by offering advanced features and an intuitive user interface that simplifies data protection, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses.

TerraMaster Centralized Backup

For enterprises above medium size, a centralized and proactive backup solution is required to improve management efficiency for multiple users, multiple PCs, and multiple types of devices in service. For enterprises, Centralized Backup supports multiple types of device backup and recovery, allowing backups to be made of the data from dozens or even hundreds of PCs, servers, or virtual machines with only one TNAS.

One-stop Centralized Backup Solution

Proactively back up employee PCs, workstations, servers, virtual machine storage, or system partitions with Centralized Backup.

Active Backup

IT administrators can use TNAS as a central backup server without having to configure each host separately and use TNAS as the initiator to centrally back up the storage space of internal employees’ computers, workstations, servers, virtual machines, and even system partitions.

Easy to Manage

It is easy to deploy, all backup tasks can be monitored through one interface, and it supports multi-version management of backup targets. It can be rolled back through the time of the version library, and the correct backup version can be found to restore to the specified destination host.

TerraMaster Duple Backup

With its powerful backup and recovery functions, Double Backup is a disaster recovery tool that is designed to enhance the data security of TNAS devices. In order to prevent data loss due to a hardware or system failure of TNAS device, important folders or iSCSI LUNs in TNAS can be backed up to multiple destinations, including a remote TNAS device, file server, or cloud disk, using the intuitive user menu. It also supports multiple backup strategies such as incremental backup and multi-version backup. This simple and intuitive backup and recovery thus help realize rapid recovery of the lost data in case of device failure.

Data Disaster Recovery Protection

Users can use Duple Backup to back up TNAS data to other destinations so that they can be quickly restored when a disaster occurs.

Various Backup Objects
The backup object of Duple Backup can be the shared folder in TNAS or the specified file directory. It can also back up the iSCSI LUN and the configuration of the iSCSI LUN in the TNAS device.

Multiple Destinations
According to business needs, you can choose up to 4 different backup destinations for the data in TNAS, such as: another TNAS device, file server, WebDAV server, and various mainstream cloud disks. With the Duple Backup Vault client, using two TNAS devices for mutual backup can greatly simplify the backup configuration process.

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