Motospeed Ck61 (Outemu Blue) Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Last time we reviewed a budget 60% mechanical gaming keyboard the Royal Kludge RK61 and this time we will be reviewing another budget 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, the Motospeed CK61 Outemu blue switch. It’s currently priced at 2,600 PHP and you buy this keyboard on Lazada –

Before that, I would like to clarify that we have an Outemu Blue switch version but the one that Banggood is selling is the Khail Box White. I’m not sure but the Outemu blue switch version for this particular model is limited, but just in case you’re wondering about the blue switch version of this keyboard I already confirmed it with Banggood and their distributor that there’s really an Outemu blue switch version of the CK61.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)


  • Model: CK61
  • Material: ABS Double-shot Molding Keycaps
  • Layout: 61-Key 60% ANSI Layout
  • Switch: Outemu Blue
  • Connection: USB Type-C
  • Cable Length (m): 1.4m
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Key Number: 61
  • Keyboard Lifespan ( times): 50 million
  • Response Speed: 2ms
  • Backlight Type: RGB
  • Product Weight: 437g


  • Compact design with 60% ANSI Layout
  • Switch is waterproof and dustproof
  • Type-C connection for better transmission
  • 16.8 million RGB backlight system with 14 lighting modes to choose from
  • Keycaps are made from ABS Double-Shot molding keycaps
  • Supports NKRO – all keys clicking without conflict
Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)


Motospeed CK61 is a 60% budget mechanical gaming keyboard with a compact design.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

Build quality is pretty solid, it has an aluminium plate and plastic body shell and doesn’t give much flex.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

It also comes with a 1.4m type C braided cable with a gold plated USB 2.0 interface.

We can also see the Type C port in the centre of the keyboard and rubber pads at the bottom along with the logo of Motospeed CK61.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

The keycaps are made from ABS double injection keycaps that provide matte texture and will prevent the letters from fading.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

For the switch, we have here the Outemu Blue switch which isn’t the usual switch you can see for this particular keyboard as I said earlier.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

Outemu blue switch has a clicky sound that requires 60g of actuation force and has a 50m keystroke lifespan.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)


Motospeed CK61 features N-Key rollover that allows you to press multiple keys at the same time without missing a single key. (Watch my video review here for the sound test)

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

I’ve been testing the Motospeed ck61 for several days and for gaming I feel much more comfortable using the ck61 due to its taller structure than the RK61.

However, after an hour of typing, I feel a little bit uncomfortable due to the height of this keyboard.

Motospeed CK61 Outemu Blue Switch (2)

Placement of the secondary functions are quite weird and hassle. Most 60% mechanical keyboard heavily relies on combinations of keys to access the secondary functions. It would be better if they made it like FN + the desired function instead of changing the whole area just to press a single key.


For the lighting mode, there are 14 lighting modes to choose from you can either customize them via software or a dedicated function keys on the keyboard.

You can also access the lighting you want as well as the brightness and speed or you just press the FN + Menu Key to change the lighting mode, FN + U/I for the brightness and FN + O/P for the led speed.


Software for this keyboard is pretty straightforward and simple you have 3 profiles to save your macro keys on to the keyboard, you can change each key to designate other functions to each one of them.

Motospeed CK61 Software

You can control the RGB lighting on the software by checking the Lighting option on the lower left part.


Overall this budget-friendly keyboard is highly recommended for people who are tight on budget and doesn’t care much about the weird placement of the secondary functions. You can also customize that on the software just in case you want some macro and media functions that will suit your needs. Build quality, price and performance are superb so there’s nothing more to prove on that category.