In the recent E-Sports and Gaming Summit held last Oct. 24-27, Bloody Philippines showed its full force to Filipino gamers by giving them the chance to experience several of their gaming gears which they are going to debut in the country. Bloody’s J437 Glare Gaming Headset, one of Bloody’s featured headphones in the tech event, stood out as a top contender for quality headphones.

Bloody’s J437 Glare Gaming Headset’s isometric dual-chamber design and laser trimmed speaker’s diaphragm goes hand in hand to deliver ultimate sonic accuracy and clarity while avoiding inconsistent sounds like most headsets in the market.

It also has a 40mm Neodymium Magnet to properly reproduce any gaming audio that it needs to deliver to the gamers, ensuring authenticity up to the last note.

The intelligent earcups eliminate all the noises and ensure comfort even during long hours of listening.

The headset is also specifically tuned for hearing footsteps during in-games, perfect for games where stealth is a must.

J437’s Omni-directional noise cancelling microphones on the other hand is hypersensitive, able to hear the faintest of sounds up to -45 decibels.

For maximum comfort and to prevent discomfort during long hours of gaming, J437 has a suspended soft leather headband ergonomically designed to fit all head shaped that can snug fit to users without any tension.

Meanwhile, J437’s ultra durable anti-winding wire is designed to be tangle proof, so as to give gamers utmost flexibility during games.

With its premium soft leather and powerful features, even the most demanding gamers will be thrilled of the elegant design.

Bloody’s J437 Glare Gaming Headset retails at around Php1,200 and are available through leading online and PC stores nationwide.