Windows 11 was previously leaked by many media channels all around the world and rumors became clear as Windows announced and introduced windows 11 recently. Here are some interesting details about Windows 11 and how you can check if you’re eligible for this free Upgrade.

First thing to do is download the download the PC Health Check app and install it. Once you’ve installed the app you will see this interface and click the “Check Now” button to see if your PC is eligible.

Download Windows 11, once it’s Available

If you’re waiting for Windows 11, you can easily download it in the Settings area if you’re eligible for this upgrade. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for Updates, then if it’s already available you will be able to see Feature update to Windows 11 then just click Download and install.

What Windows 11 looks like?

Windows 11 features a new interface design, light pastel colors, rounded corners and a new start-up sound. But the interesting details about Windows 11 is its overall design is really similar to Mac OS.

Here are some sample images on what Windows 11 interface looks like:

This update was a major leap since Windows 10 was launched way back in 2015. This update has been circulating in the past year and the rumours became strong because Microsoft silently announced the retirement date of Windows 10 in 2025.

And now Windows 11 is officially announced and you can check more info about Windows 11 on Microsoft’s website.