“Not only does it give you a multitude of input (HDMI, USB-A, microSD, SD, USB-C passthrough, 3.5mm headphone jack) but it looks and is built fantastically. It sports an aluminum design that conforms to your iPad and blends in very nicely with Apple’s aesthetic.” – Noah Herman

SHENZHEN, China – Baseus has just made available for consumers their newest and sexiest dongle for the iPad Pro and other similar devices. Aside from its futuristic aesthetics, the Baseus 6-in-1 Aluminum USB Type-C Adapter boasts a smart all-in-one solution to users’ everyday productivity needs.

Sporting a classic deep space grey color, the hub blends extremely well with the iPad Pro’s aesthetics. It is incredibly light and compact, making it ideal for business, travel, office, home, and gaming. Its bend angle build ensures that it sits tightly on the iPad Pro and its special 90° connector is placed comfortably while at the same time, reducing stress on its cable. The aluminum enclosure provides incredible durability and heat dissipation.

Convenience-wise, the dongle is ‘plug and play’ which means that users can simply connect the USB-C dongle directly to the devices without the need for installing drivers/softwares. Every function of the hub is controlled by an independent intelligent chip, perfect for simultaneous use for outstanding performance.

In terms of functionalities, the dongle is equipped with a super-speed USB 3.0 ports which transfer data up to 5gbps (10x faster than USB 2.0), fast enough to transfer large images, files, and videos in seconds and also allows for connecting to a wider range of USB-A peripherals such as phones, keyboard, mouse, U flash, cameras, printers, and other devices. The hub also extends display with its HDMI port, capable of directly streaming 4K@30Hz UHD or Full HD 1080p video to HDTV, monitors, or projectors. The USB-C fast PD charging port supports max 60W power delivery for your type-c device to avoid power shortage. The 3.5mm Audio and Mic Port can transmit audio and video simultaneously, allowing for good quality sound when connected to speakers/headsets.

With its Amazon Choice badge, the Baseus 6-in-1 Aluminum iPad Pro Dongle USB Type-C Adapter is fast selling for $69.90. Customers can directly purchase the product from the Amazon store at https://amzn.to/33o7MJf.

About Baseus

Founded in 2011, Baseus integrates R&D, design, production and sales. Baseus comes from ‘Base On User’ – each product that Baseus has developed features a practical, aesthetically pleasing deign. Integrating the latest technology, environmentally friendly materials and fashion element into each concept, every range shows the unique ‘Baseus’ style.