NOX STELLA NS9 Optical Switch Gaming Keyboard Review


Special thanks to ZIOTAC for sending this item for review. Ziotac is a South Korean company that exports Korean products and market them globally. They’re a group of marketing professionals that creates new value in global marketing services.


Switch Switch Type Infrared Optical Switch
Switch Name Content Optical Switch
Throw Depth 4m
Actuation and Reset Depth 2m
Actuation Force Needed 55g
Key Travel 55cn ± 5g
Design Layout US 104 keys
N-Key Roll Over Anti- Ghosting w/ 104 Key Rollover on USB
Function and Illumination Waterproof, Aqua LEDs, Quick Access Media Keys, Programmable LED
Weight 1.3kg
Height 150mm
Width 443mm
Depth 55mm w/ Large Rubber Feet
Cable Lenght 1.9m


The Premium Nox Stella NS9 Optical Gaming Keyboard is pack with a lot of features that provide the best experience you can get from a keyboard. It is currently priced at $65.90 on Amazon and eBay with a $5 standard international shipping.

  • laser optical switch equipped
  • strong durability with 100m keystrokes
  • 2 spare switch
  • 0.2ms response speed
  • nano-injected polyurethane waterproof design
  • dreamy aqua leds and rgb on the side
  • Korean/English dual injection keycap
  • easy 12 multimedia keys
  • customizable gaming led modes
  • step sculpture 2 design
  • 1.3kg stable weight


In the box, we have the 2 spare switches, a keycap puller, a switch puller and ofcourse the keyboard itself. The box isn’t a typical Chinese or Korean box so it is really nice to see the effort in the design of the box. The unboxing experience on this one is really straight forward no gimmick or what so ever.


In terms of the design, it has an ergonomic design with Vicky Style design. It also has Korean and English dual injection keycaps with bright AQUA led and RGB lighting on the side which isn’t customizable.

NOX Stella NS9 LED

As for the structure of the keyboard, it has an aluminum body frame and plastic at the back of the keyboard. Unfortunately, the included switch puller is a super thin metal that can’t even pull a single switch. The switch itself is really hard to pull maybe due to its waterproof design.

The Nox Stella S9 uses a non-contact optical switch using an infrared sensor. This provides a fast response speed of 0.2ms with a 100m keystrokes for its life span and clicky experience. It also features a 3rd generation replaceable anti-dust switch where 2 extra switches are included.

NOX Stella NS9 Switch

What is “Optical Switch”?
Optical Switches use infrared light to measure the travel distance of your keystrokes or to register your keystrokes.

They also advertise this keyboard as a WATERPROOF keyboard with 4 coats of nano-jet spray method with polyurethane waterproof design.

As of the sound test, this keyboard provides a clicky experience similar to a blue switch but much smoother and faster compared to a blue switch (ofcourse it is due to a different type of switch).


Unfortunately, the NOX Stella NS9 is not an RGB keyboard. So if you’re an RGB enthusiast this keyboard is not for you. It doesn’t have any software to customize the lighting effects and it only uses a command for the lighting mode.


In terms of performance, NOX Stella NS9 can provide you the best option in both typing/work and gaming. Using this keyboard for my work (usually a lot of typing) doesn’t give me much stress and its really comfortable.

In gaming it performs really solid, the response is great and I don’t have any problem due to the anti-ghosting feature.

All in all, in the performance department I don’t have much to say about this keyboard. Its really comfortable, soft and performs really well. This is my second optical gaming keyboard and both of them are really good.


  • solid performance in both typing/gaming
  • aluminum alloy for the body frame
  • gold plated USB
  • fair price for a premium keyboard
  • ergonomic design
  • comfortable to use
  • waterproof feature w/ 4 coats of nano-jet
  • braided cable


  • no wrist rest
  • no software
  • non-rgb keyboard
  • switch puller too thin
  • available on Amazon & eBay only