Akko 3087 World Tour – Tokyo 87 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Pink Switch) – Review


Special thanks to Banggood.com for providing this awesome Akko 3087 World Tour – Tokyo 87 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Akko 3087 World Tour – Tokyo is currently priced at 3425 PHP or $65.99. And you can buy through Lazada – https://bit.ly/2MhTseG


For the packaging, we can see a beautiful cherry blossom design.

At the back of the box, we can see the basic specifications for the Akko 3087 mechanical gaming keyboard.

And at the side, you can see some contact details of Akko Gear and the switch you have on your keyboard


In the box, we have the nice pink USB Type C cable

Keycap puller

Extra novelty keycaps

And the AKKO 3087 World Tour – Tokyo 87 keys mechanical gaming keyboard


  • Brand – AKKO
  • Model – 3087
  • Keys Amount – 87 Keys + 11 Function Keys
  • Case – ABS Pink Case
  • Switch – Huano (PINK) Switch
  • Connection – USB Wired
  • Keycap – 85% PBT Keycaps
  • Battery – Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Size – 315x100x28mm
  • Weight – 990g
  • System Support – Windows /Android/Mac OS


  • FN + F1 = My Computer
  • FN + F2 = E-mail
  • FN + F3 = Windows Search
  • FN + F4 = Browser Home
  • FN + F5 = Multimedia Player
  • FN + F6 = Play / Pause
  • FN + F7 = Previous Song
  • FN + F8 = Next Song
  • FN + Left Win Key = Lock win key

No Backlit LED but the LED position is reserved so you can add one by yourself

Detachable USB Type-C cable and Cable route for better cable management

Price & Availability

Akko 3087 World Tour – Tokyo is currently priced at 3425 PHP or $65.99. You can use our discount code BGTOMEX to get a 10% discount, however, if the product is on sale you can’t use this discount code.

Build Quality

The whole body is made from ABS plastic case which makes it really solid.

The Type C cable is 1.6m long, made from thick rubber and unfortunately, it’s not braided

At the back, we have 4 rubber feet, a cable management route and the USB Type C port.

We also have three-stage adjustable height that is really perfect for anybody that is conscious to the height of the keyboard

On the specification of this keyboard, the current weight is 0.95kg but the actual weight is 957g.

Switch / Keycaps

For this version of AKKO 3087, we have a Huano pink switch, based on my research the Huano pink switch from AKKO is a linear type switch with 45g of actuation force, 4mm travel time in total and a lifespan of 50m keystrokes. Therefore the Huano pink switch is smooth, quiet and no tactile bump.

For the keycaps, the default keycaps have pink, white and novelty keycaps included.

All the keycaps are made from 85% PBT material and the legends are made by five-sided thermal sublimation and will not easy to fade off.

Sound Test


So far there’s no issues with the build quality, accessories, switch/keycaps or even on the performance of this keyboard.

The only issue I haven’t figured out is the Bluetooth feature. I’m trying to confirm it with Banggood to see if it really has a Bluetooth feature as stated on the Banggood product page. I will update this post once I confirmed it and do further investigation regarding this issue.

As of now, I’m not really sure if its a factory defect or something else.