Deepcool is working hard for their products, giving more options to PC Enthusiast like me. They keep on researching on how to improve their products and provide better quality to its consumers.

At Computex 2019 Deepcool launches new technology called ANTI-LEAK system for their new AIO lineup.

How does Deepcool’s Anti-Leak Technology work?

  • Inside the radiator, an elastic pressure relief bag will be added with one side exposed to the air and the other side dipped in the coolant. When the internal pressure exceeded atmospheric pressures, the bag will be squeezed and thereby increases the system’s internal volume As a result, the increased pressure is released and the risk of leakage is avoided.
  • Although the liquid cooling radiator features low noise, high radiation efficiency, and other advantages, its potential safety hazards shouldn’t be ignored.
  • While the cooler is working, the coolant’s temperature rises, so will the volume expand. Sometimes gas can be generated within the system, which will further increase the system’s pressure. When the pressure exceeds the system’s critical levels, leakage will occur.
  • The pressure-relief device is crucial for the safety of AIO water-cooling system, yet before DEEPCOOL, none has integrated such devices into a liquid cooler.


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